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Click below for help topics applicable to v2.x only.Upgrade from v1.33 to new LMD version 2 How to Import your v1.33 database into v2.x

LMD v1.33 - 64 bit operating systems are not supported

This information applies to v1.33 and older only. DOES NOT APPLY to new version 2.

Windows 8, 7 or Vista - 64 bit is not supported unless you have Microsoft Virtual PC installed so that you can run Windows XP in a window - please see Microsoft's website.

Using v1.33 on 32 bit Windows 7 or Vista

To use this software with Windows 7 or Vista, you must run it as 'administrator' so that certain things get saved correctly. When you start it from a LMD desktop link or from the Start menu, select the icon, then right click and select 'Run as administrator' (this is temporary and only works for that LMD session). To make this permanent so that you do not have to always select that option, right click on each LMD desktop icon or start menu and select Properties. Then select the Compatibility tab and check the 'Run this program as administrator' in the Privilege Level group. 

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